Estelle Mignon - Sales Manager
Estelle Mignon Sales Manager

“The company encourages you to take initiative”

A start-up within the company. That’s how sales manager Estelle Mignon describes Ceras Analytics. She joined Cefetra to turn this platform into a success. “Cefetra encourages you to take initiative. Many people here are very goal oriented.”

Creating your own path

Ceras Analytics has been developed quite recently. And so, Estelle’s job is also new. “We are building this initiative from scratch. It’s a kind of start-up within the company. My task is to develop our sales strategy, marketing plan, and to put Ceras Analytics out there. I’m working together with the analyst teams, the marketing and communication team and the traders to make it happen.”

What made her decide to apply for the job? “It’s an interesting challenge in a very dynamic industry. What also appealed to me, was the ability to create my own path, and the flexibility to organize my own work. The people I met during the interviews were very kind. This reflected the company culture well.”

“You can see that Cefetra has a people mindset”

Estelle Mignon – Sales Manager

The importance of relationships

“At the end of day, what is very important in sales is building good relationships,” Estelle says. “You can see that Cefetra has a people mindset. Relationships with clients and suppliers really matter to the company. That was also what attracted me.”

“Besides being a very dynamic environment, it’s also very social. The people wish you well, they want you to succeed, and they are there to help you. There is a drink every now and then, there is a nice Christmas party, there is a bonus in store if it has been a good year. All these things add up to make Cefetra a great employer.”

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Step by step

“During my onboarding process, I got to know the different departments and what it is they do. Then, my colleagues introduced me to the platform very well.” She smiles. “Of course, I had to know what I was going to sell. I am currently the only one doing sales. When business gets more stable, we intend to grow. Step by step.”

“Ceras Analytics is a platform that provides key information on agri-commodities. It helps people to follow and forecast the agri-markets. It’s adapted to all kinds of users. From compound feed clients to the food industry to brokers and traders.”

Time for action

Estelle experiences a lot of freedom at work. “The company encourages everyone to take initiative. It’s not a company that is driven by politics and procedures, so you can take action rather quickly.”

“An entrepreneurial mindset is a valuable quality when joining Cefetra. You should know what you want. That is something many colleagues have in common, they are very much goal oriented. As for me, my goal for now is to take Ceras Analytics and make it a big success.”

Want to transform vital supply chains?

Want to transform vital supply chains?

It’s in your hands at Cefetra Group. Check out our vacancies.

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