Giacomo Ippolito - Controller
Giacomo Ippolito Controller

“Sustainability is a topic we should all consider”

The freedom and personal atmosphere of a small company, the opportunities and support of a big company. Giacomo Ippolito, country controller, enjoys the best of both worlds at Cefetra. “If there’s any initiative you want to bring forward, the company is willing to support you.”

National and international

As the country controller for Cefetra S.p.A. in Italy, Giacomo makes frequent analyses and financial evaluations to see how the business is doing. “Together with management and the trading department, I interpret these numbers to see what the markets are like. In addition, I do a bit of risk control and provide general support to the Chief Financial Officer of Cefetra Group. I am currently learning more about budget analysis and performance analysis, something I really enjoy.”

Recently, he has been getting more involved with the rest of the group. “I’ve been working in the offices in The Netherlands and participating at a Group workshop in Spain too. This gives me a better overview of where our companies are going. It’s nice to share experiences with colleagues from different countries and to gain a broader understanding of our business.”

“You are free to reach your goals in a way that fits you”

Giacomo Ippolito – Controller

A pleasant atmosphere

“When I joined, I immediately felt welcome,” Giacomo says. “It was a special opportunity for me because I did not know much about the world of agricultural ingredients at all. I’ve had several jobs here, from accounting to treasury, going towards my current role. I’m involved with many aspects of the business. It’s easy because here in Italy, we are with twenty colleagues in total. You can learn a lot here – and learn fast. If you want to expand your expertise, it’s very nice to work here.”

“The atmosphere is very pleasant throughout the company. The relationship with top management is very friendly as well. I like it – I am not the type for very formal business environments. The people here like to talk to you and get to know you. I believe it’s crucial that a company sees its people as one of the most important assets. Cefetra does that.”

Learning fast

Giacomo doesn’t have a strict schedule that he needs to follow. “You are free to reach your goals in a way that fits you. I look at my deadlines and then I manage myself. That is nice, but you need to know how to do it. At the beginning, you might have to invest some time in that. It’s good for your personal growth. And if there’s any additional initiative you want to bring forward, management is very open to that and willing to support you.”

Why not an initiative that promotes sustainability? “That’s a topic we should all consider. I try to be as green as possible in my personal life. It’s nice to encounter green initiatives within the company as well. When I started, there was a lot of paper consumption. Now there’s almost none. That’s a powerful reduction of waste. We are also switching to electric cars. And the company is trying to work with partners that work in a sustainable manner. It’s an important way to spread awareness. We are all taking small steps towards a big goal.”

Want to realize your potential?

Want to realize your potential?

It’s in your hands at Cefetra Group. Check out our vacancies.

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