Sjoerd de Jager - Digital activator
Sjoerd de Jager Digital activator

“I like Cefetra’s mentality of exploring”

Having recently joined Cefetra Group, Sjoerd de Jager already feels at home. As a digital activator, he is helping our companies break new ground. “Cefetra gives you a lot of freedom. You feel motivated and empowered to get things going.”

The next level of digital

Before joining Cefetra Group, Sjoerd spent thirteen years at the Port of Rotterdam. “At first, I was working in commerce and logistics. Gradually I started exploring the role of digital in logistics and business. That was my focus during my last four years there. After all this time, I was looking for something new. An acquaintance of mine suggested I check out Cefetra. I had been interested in commodity trade for some time and decided to apply.”

“My job at Cefetra Group is a new one. The goal is to accelerate the use of digital technologies and data. I’m always figuring out: how does digital support our businesses? You can think of specific projects like apps we’re developing for farmers and truckers in the UK. But most importantly, we’re working towards an integrated approach for all our companies.”

“I started with an assessment for our companies so we can figure out where we stand right now and where we want to be in a couple of years. Then, we can formulate a new strategy. I am excited about taking digital to the next level here. There are so many people who are strongly motivated to make that happen and I am glad I can facilitate it.”

“Cefetra gives you a lot of freedom”

Sjoerd de Jager – Digital activator

Getting things done

“When I just started out, we organized a two-day hackathon in Madrid. The goal was to find out how we can benefit from machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve certain business challenges. Very interesting – and a great way to get to know many people. We started projects there that are still going on now. I’m involved as their facilitator.”

“Soon, everyone will come to Rotterdam to present the results of their projects. The board will be there as well. I’m glad we’re all learning about digital opportunities together. It’s very bottom-up and hands-on.”


A sense of togetherness

“I like this mentality of exploring. Don’t organize too many meetings first, just go see if it works, if there’s business value in it. There’s a strong drive throughout the organization to get things done. Perhaps this is a typical trader’s mentality. It works well because you also get a lot of freedom at Cefetra. You feel motivated and empowered to get things going.”

“The fact that everyone has their own projects and responsibilities does not withhold people from collaborating. Everyone is willing to cooperate. They take the time to listen to you and see what they can do. Even though we consist of many companies, it really does feel like a group.”

“If you like working in an international business with a strong sense of togetherness and lots of room to innovate, I’d say: this is the place. I felt at home here in no time.”

Want to transform vital supply chains?

Want to transform vital supply chains?

It’s in your hands at Cefetra Group. Check out our vacancies.

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