Sergio Zapico Mena - Carbon business developer
Sergio Zapico Mena Carbon business developer

“Cefetra supports your development”

Having graduated at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Sergio Zapico Mena wanted to stick around. He joined Cefetra as a junior business developer and helped set up Cefetra Carbon Services. “The agri-commodity industry is going through great changes, so it’s an interesting time to join.”

Global character

First, Sergio did a research-oriented internship at Cefetra Group. Then, he joined Cefetra BV. “One of the things that pulled me in, was the corporate movie. You see all the shipments, and all the flows of goods. The fact that there are people behind screens, in ports, on boats, all working together on critical supply chains – it’s very interesting. The global character spoke to me.”

An important part of Sergio’s job now is carbon market analysis. “I was involved in setting up Cefetra’s new carbon desk. The strategy, the business proposition, the futures accounts: it was very diverse. The project manager and I run it. It’s a valuable new service for our clients.”

“The people are open to give you any advice you may need”

Sergio Zapico Mena – Carbon business developer

Helping companies be more sustainable

“It’s difficult for many companies to determine what they can do,” Sergio says. “What can you do to set up sustainable initiatives? Which policies and regulations are at play? What type of carbon credits should clients invest in? It takes quite some time to figure that out as the market is highly heterogeneous. And many businesses have made commitments which they now have to fulfil. Because we have a good overview of the market, we want to help clients deliver.”

By introducing them to carbon credits, for instance. “It’s a way to compensate emissions. The projects that generate carbon credits play a vital role in tackling climate change, and they need financial support from the private sector. It’s better if companies make structural changes within their operations and their supply chains to reduce their emissions. However, companies will always have unavoidable emissions, so it’s also important that they purchase carbon credits.”

A lot to explore

How does Sergio experience the company culture? “The people are open to give you any advice you may need. It’s an entrepreneurial environment that supports your development. The work is also quite flexible. You have your goals and your tasks, and you can figure out how to get them done. There aren’t too many constraints. The exposure you have to the management as a newcomer is also quite remarkable. And on top of that, you can meet many people outside the company.”

There is room to grow as well. “At first, when I began my internship at the business development department, I was all over the place. I learned a lot from my colleagues, including the director of strategy. Now I know how to approach new tasks in a more structured way and manage expectations. But the main thing I’ve learned is there is no set method to do things. There are so many factors at play in this business and learning by doing is the best way to approach new challenges.”

“It’s an interesting time to join Cefetra,” Sergio concludes. “The industry is going through great changes. People are more concerned about traceability and sustainability; there is a lot of diversification and upcycling; what used to be waste is now being turned into alternative products. The coming years offer unique opportunities for professional and personal development.”

Want to transform vital supply chains?

Want to transform vital supply chains?

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