Sergio Pindado - Finance Manager
Sergio Pindado Finance Manager

“You are encouraged to find a good work-life balance”

A people-focused company culture. Close collaboration with every department. And the ambition to increase sustainability throughout our supply chains. These are some of the things Sergio Pindado enjoys about working at Cefetra. “You have the opportunity to get the job done the way you think is right.”

Direct involvement

Sergio spent thirteen years working for PwC in Spain and the UK. He joined Cefetra Ibérica at the beginning of 2023. “My job here is to take care of the finance department, which consists of accounting and treasury, and works together with risk management. The six of us make sure all the financial matters are dealt with correctly, so our colleagues in operations and trading can do the business they want to do.”

“During my first two months here, I had the chance to work with every department to get a solid understanding of what they do. Everything starts in trading, goes to operations, and comes to finance. All our colleagues’ work affects us somehow. Being involved with all the departments, having an overview on everything, working with good people in a growing business: those were important reasons for me to come and work for Cefetra.”

Sergio Pindado finance manager of Madrid office

“Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming”

Sergio Pindado- Finance Manager

Come back fresh

“As part of my application process, I had interesting conversations with the directors here in Spain and with the CFO in The Netherlands. I got a good feeling about the company.” Sergio smiles: “The CFO told me, ‘You will like this world so much, you will never want to leave.’ So far, so good. I have just seen the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot to learn.”

“Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming,” he says. “This is the way everybody is treated. Recently another new colleague started, and an intern joined us, and they get the same attention. People take the time to help you out and show you around.”

“You get clear responsibilities and the opportunity to get the job done the way you think is right. Also, you are encouraged to find a good work-life balance and to come back to work fresh. I think this is very important.”


Driving the change

Sergio enjoys the freedom Cefetra gives its employees. “I was told I can manage my department the way I want to, as long as it makes the department a better place. I believe this reflects the company culture well. Cefetra wants to grow the business while maintaining a people focus.”

“The ambition in general is to do things right,” he concludes. “To not just do good business, but also do it in a good manner. We had a session recently where we brought together a group of clients and discussed ways to reduce carbon emissions. There are many opportunities in our supply chains to work more sustainably. It’s great to see that our leaders are the ones driving the change.”

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